Pico – Comparison to other services

With absolutely no annual fees or subscriptions, coming fully loaded with VPN, Ad blocking and Cybersecurity features, the Deeper Connect Pico can save you over $600 USD a year compared to subscribing to similar individual services. To highlight just how much you could save, a comparison of pricing for VPN, Ad-free content and Cybersecurity is shown below:

Price Comparison for VPN Paying Month-to-Month

Price Comparison for Ad Free Content Paying Month-to-Month

Price Comparison for Cybersecurity Services with Comparable Feature

Overall Comparison for All Features

As you can see, even choosing the cheapest option ends up being over three times the cost of the Pico after just a single year. The savings can easily go from $300 to over $1000 dollars a year as the Pico not only saves money for a single person’s account but it saves money for the whole family. The protection covers all IoT devices and computers in your home providing safety, security, privacy and ad-free browsing to all.

Each of the Pico’s features is conveniently integrated into a single dashboard with controls for everything, eliminating the need for configuring and logging into multiple other services to get the same experience. The time you can save not needing to worry or deal with complicated configurations and multitudes of services is cost-saving as well. There is only one way to get all these features in one package without the monthly fees, the Deeper Connect Pico.