Deeper Network represents the world's first decentralized blockchain network for building a truly private, secure and fair Internet.

Deeper Network Inc. was founded in Silicon Valley in 2018 with the vision of leveraging blockchain technology to empower the real users of the internet, and building both the WEB 3.0 infrastructure of the future and an accessible gateway for everyone to join the revolution.

We have world class talent working on the project. Most of our team members used to hold important positions in Google, IBM, Alibaba, etc. Our technical core team members are from Palo Alto, Fortinet, and other companies who are world leaders in cybersecurity.



Launched offline Deeper Connect promotions; integrated EVM and WASM dual-contract platform, added $DPR burn mechanism to grow credit score, added api-sidecar/archive/blockscout on-chain utilities, added Wi-Fi transceiver support for Wi-Fi relay mode.

Implemented Basic Mining 2.0 mining rules; Deeper Chain NFT series released; added support for WiFi router mode. Continue growth of Deeper Chain nodes by 200%. Deeper Network’s ”Deeper Connect Mini,” has more than 60,000 nodes in more than 150 countries and successfully raised over $2.72 million+USD on Indiegogo and Kickstarter.

Launch EZC stablecoin credit, launch Deeper Network decentralized Oracle, launch Decentralized Edge Computing Platform (DEP) public framework for Web2/Web3 applications in the Deeper Network ecosystem; upgrade Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) to support Wi-Fi routers; develop the new network intrusion detection engine.

Develop subscription-based DPN mobile apps for iOS and Android; launch the Decentralized Edge Computing Platform (DEP) governance module.


Strategic partnership with SevenX, Spark Digital Capital, Brilliance Ventures, Loopring, Polka Defy Alliance, Spec-Rationality. Launch DPR test net with Deeper’s PoCr framework. Port AtomOS to ARM platform. Release 5th-generation Deeper Connect Nano.

Finish development for 6th-generation Deeper Connect Pico. Over-the-air update for Wi-Fi support across all devices.

Finished development on a mobile app to connect to the DPN network.

Finish the development of Ethereum & BSC to Deeper Chain cross-chain bridges. Resumed liquidity staking for DPR markets. PICO to hit crowdfunding. Prepared for basic mining & pro-mining to join the Deeper Chain. Release encrypted ads filter function. Optimized platform appearance and functionality.


Completed Pre-A round financing backed by Gobi China, YOUBI Capital, and UVA.

Developed Deeper Connect Mini, 1/4th the size of Deeper Connect Lite. Attended CES 2020 showcasing Deeper Connect Mini to the public for the first time.

Strategic alliance with Republic incubator. Strategic alliance with NKN. Strategic alliance with China Mobile to jointly research and develop cybersecurity products for the smart home.

Deeper Connect Mini launched on Indiegogo to great fanfare: 10,000+ backers from 120+ countries. $1.45M+ USD in sales to date.

Accepted into the Substrate Builders Program (Infrastructure Track) and became a part of the Polkadot ecosystem. Finished developing Deeper Connect Nano, an even more cost-effective and smaller device than the Deeper Connect Mini.


Launched public testnet with PoCr consensus algorithm that enables fair participation in blockchain mining; 1000+ users and 200+ paying nodes participated.

Partnered with top organizations across traditional and blockchain industries, including Harmony, NKN, and SWFT.

Completed seed round financing. Released Deeper Connect Lite.

Strategic alliance with Consensus Labs. Strategic alliance with Canaan Creative.


Company founded in Silicon Valley in the United States.

Finished developing several core technologies including: AtomOS, the world’s first lock-free network operating OS, and Trident Protocol, a decentralized, shared communications protocol based on blockchain technology.

Deeper Connect prototype developed:the world’s first blockchain-based home security gateway equipped with AtomOS and plug-and-play setup feature.