Deeper Connect

Decentralized VPN and Cybersecurity Hardware

Plug-N-Play with 0
Decentralized VPN
Block All Ads
including YouTube Ads
One-click Parent
Mining as you surfing

6-in-1, highly intelligent, portable yet powerful gadget can protect all your IoT devices

Pay once. No subscriptions. Fast. Secure. Zero logging.

Pre-sale for US$2.7 million
Selling products
150 countries around the world
All over the world
10,000+ nodes


Safety comparison

User information stays in the VPN server, and there are serious security risks
User information is easily peeped from the VPN server by a third party
Decentralization, user information is stored in personal devices, high security
More than 10,000 nodes in the world, it is difficult to be tracked by criminals

Service quality comparison

Limited number of servers and geographic layout
Unstable network, easy to be tracked, slow network speed
Tens of thousands of nodes around the world
The network is stable and difficult to be tracked. The more users, the faster the network speed

Price comparison

Centralized servers are expensive
High annual subscription fee
Decentralized structure, the more users, the better the price
Flexible payment according to traffic usage
The cost of DPN is 1/5 of traditional VPN

Smart comparison

Single channel single route
Users who use different nodes need to manually adjust the server
Intelligent multi-routing, intelligently switch nodes according to needs
Different routes can be used according to different servers

Trojan horse, tracker, intrusion detection

Effectively prevent viruses and Trojan horses, prevent malicious tracking,
If there is an intrusion, it will be detected in time

Enterprise-level home firewall

7-layer application layer enterprise checks according to packet level
and brings home the active protection of anti-network firewall

Youtube ad filtering

Block annoying advertisement pop-up windows, and give you a pure Internet environment

One-click Parent Control

One-click block violent pornography and other undesirable websites, and protect young people's health on the Internet
Block pornography Stop cyber violence

Deeper Connect Can be used as mining equipment and secure wallet

Blockchain-Use idle bandwidth to earn mining rewards

PoC shared traffic bandwidth bandwidth contributors obtain mining rewards by providing safe and reliable free traffic to other nodes

DPR Log in to many exchanges and rank in the front row with a strong momentum