Blockchain Mining

Deeper Network’s Proof of Credit (PoCr) consensus algorithm allows users to earn passive income by sharing their unused internet bandwidth. Users can either grow their credit scores organically or stake DPR in order to raise their credit score for higher rewards.

The best way to learn how is to search the many resources on YouTube as well as by joining our Telegram and Discord communities. Below are useful links which will get you started.

How to Mine DPR in 4 easy steps

Step 1.Buy a Deeper Connect

• Buy a Deeper Connect Mini or Pico at

Step 2. Buy DPR

• Buy DPR coin at Kucoin or or check out other markets here:

Step 3. Stake DPR

• Staking link: https: //

Step 4. Start Mining

• Check your mining rewards under the DPR tab on AtomOS at

For more information:

Mining rewards calculator

How to mine without staking