Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/9/1–2022/9/30

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter:2022/9/1–2022/9/30

Deeper Network’s monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of each month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


Deeper Connect Pro - aesthetic redesign, progress: 65%

Deeper Connect Pro - the first verification of the motherboard completed 

Deeper Connect Pro - PCB design modification, second proofing test, progress: 50%

Deeper Connect Pico cooling solution research, progress: 90%

Deeper Connect Pico memory capacity improvement completed, and transferred to the stability test stage, progress: 60%

Deeper Connect Pico EMMC read-write optimization, progress: 100%

New product (unnamed) project approval, hardware research, progress: 50%


AtomOS Development Progress:

- 1.1.18.rel, 1.1.19.rel release

- Updated the Web Filter rule. The current version is the 1.1 series 

- SSL Filter function optimization, progress: 80% 

- Parental control new feature development

- Optimized the Pico hardware high resource consumption issue, and merged it to 1.1.19.rel

- Deeper Connect Pro feature development, progress: 40% 

AtomOS troubleshooting:

1.1.18. Rel

- Fixed WiFi issues in relay mode

- Implemented the staking and burning in AtomOS 

- Implemented the TCP access control page

- Improved chain connection for slow network

- Supported the WiFi connection SSID signals with spaces 

- Updated the Logo display in AtomOS

1.1.19. Rel

- Changed AtomOS menu tab to collapsed

- Fixed a DHCP issue

- Fixed a packet buffer issue

- Implemented “Tunnel Refresh” button

- Improved AtomOS display on cell phones

- Improved stability of Pico

- Improved YouTube ads filter

- Updated web filter built-in rules

Deeper Chain

Important tech submissions:

In August:

  1. Updated Deeper-frontier dependency to Polkadot-v0.9.24-1 

  1. EZ Mining Referrer Reward Mechanism & USDC Staking Integration 

  1. NFT maximum burning credit point mechanism 

  1. Adjusted the pledge income distribution algorithm to improve the efficiency of its distribution income 

  1. NPoW earnings release multiple function updates; 

In September:

  1. Updated Deeper-Chain dependency to Polkadot-v0.9.29 

  1. Optimized exchange logistics between Deeper's decentralized oracle and EZC 

  1. When the equipment is returned to the factory for maintenance, its credit score will not be updated 

  1. Updated DEP (1.0.6) and add developer application contract template 

  1. DEP1 & DEP2 & DEP3 firmware updates 

DEP1: Provided DEP and DAPP Store pages to run passive tasks

DEP2: Fixed evm_address display problem, added race, and complete failure reasons

DEP3: Added disconnection and reconnection mechanism, DAPP Store, and developer contract integration

Technical Scheme Discussion:

  1. DEP & NPoW beta test process design and analysis
  2. Research, discussion, and analysis of Stargate cross-chain bridge solution
  3. Discussion and analysis of community governance plan
  4. Discussion and analysis of Validators node deployment plan
  5. Developer application pattern design and analysis

Technical document reference:

Community News

  • In August, the Chinese community launched the Community Ambassador recruitment, with a total of 13 chosen ambassadors entering the assessment phase
  • In September, NPoW launched its public beta test, which has been updated to the DEP3.0 version with more than 800 participants so far
  • Published "Join Deeper Network’s NPoW Beta Testing Community and Earn Rewards", “EZ Mining", “DEP: an Innovation Workshop for Web 3 Applications", “Next-Generation Proof of Work Reward Mechanism”, “Self Reset Your Deeper Connect Devices” and “Easy Cent (EZC) Stable Coin Criterion” articles
  • Deeper Network CEO Michael Liu, Chief Evangelist Eric Ma, and Social Media Manager Ryan Hevern hosted an AMA on Twitter Space to address the community's issues and share updates on Deeper Network
  • Shared infographics “How to Bind Deeper Wallet in AtomOS”, “How to Use Deeper Wallet to Transfer DPR”, and “How to Increase Staking in AtomOS”, to help the community understand the relevant information
  • YouTube channels: Tactical Investing, OneBlock, Diego, Dillon Truman, Crypto Anvil, Game of Bitcoins, Nordic Crypto, and Defi Guy published videos about the Deeper Network 

Marketing News

  • Brand promotion:  launched Google and FB ads in August to intensify brand and product promotion, in order to attract new users to learn about the project
  • New product updates: launched the sale of 3-Port USB Cooling Base for Deeper Connect Mini on the official website in early August, helped some Mini users resolve the overheating issues
  • User support: added the shipping and payment policy pages for users to read while shopping
  • B2B collaboration: Confirmed with StackCommerce for Pico promotion and multi-platform sales in October
  • Affiliate program: 175 new affiliates were joined in August, and 50% of them successfully brought traffic and sales
  • Website update: Upgraded SKU on the shop website, the interface page, highlighted important information, share users’ reviews, and updated FAQ
  • New product updates: Developed the appearance and functions of a new generation of Pico, Pico Lite, and will be launched on the crowdfunding platforms


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