Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter: 2022/12/1–2022/12/31

Deeper Network Monthly Newsletter: 2022/12/1–2022/12/31

Deeper Network’s monthly newsletter is a brief bulletin containing the latest community developments, technical updates, and market status of our project. It is periodically released at the beginning of the month for our community members. We would like to thank every member of the Deeper Network community for your attention and support. Here are the latest updates:

Technical Updates


  • Deeper Connect Pro- hardware function comprehensive coordinated test, progress: 30%
  • Deeper Connect Pro- massive production test program optimization, progress: 40%
  • Deeper Connect Air- appearance ID design completed, structure, antenna testing progress: 60%
  • Deeper Connect Air- hardware testing completed, hardware verification, progress: 50%
  • Deeper Connect Air- the device function development, progress: 60%


AtomOS Development Progress: 

  • 1.1.20.re1 version has been released with the deployment automatically updated
  • 1.1.21.rel was under testing and will be released later this month (Jan 2023)
  • SSL filter feature optimization, progress: 100%, 1.1.20.rel was released
  • Parental control features development, progress: 35%
  • Stream locator was officially renamed as “App-Reloctor,” development and use case collection from the community, progress: 45%
  • The development for Deeper Connect Pro functions, progress: 50% 
  • DPN apps development, progress: 65% 
  • AtomOS interface in dark mode development, progress: 40%


  • Enabled mining tab by default & added staking tutorial link
  • Fixed a routing issue when YouTube Ads filter is on
  • Fixed an issue with DHCP restart
  • Fixed Google certificate error when YouTube Ads filter is on
  • Fixed YouTube page not responding issue
  • Improved sharing log
  • Improved Web Filter Blacklist (will no longer need to clear DNS cache after adding a new domain)
  • Added support for Route Mode
  • Updated Ads Filter page
  • Updated logo on login page
  • Updated User Consent page
  • Updated Web Filter built-in rules

Deeper Chain

Important tech submission: 

  1. Updated Deeper-chain/Deeper-frontier dependencies to Polkadot-v0.9.32
  1. Added the council governance identitiy verification module 

Technical Scheme Discussion:

  • Discussed the design of the new version of cross-chain bridge scheme, including changing the monitor event to the index event mode
  • Discussed the on-chain governance plan, including Core Team and Retired Members Team

Technical document reference:

Community News

  • 12 Days Giveaway: the participants participated in the gaiveway after completing their tasks. There were 12 lucky winners selected with over 35,000 submissions.
  • Deeper Network Chief Evangelist Eric Ma and crypto influencer Action Crypto hosted an AMA on Twitter Spaces to give updates on the roadmap and help answer community issues.
  • Deeper Network Chief Evangelist Eric Ma joined TipinCon & GAGA launch event hosted by Menson Network and Huobi Research.
  • Published articles about the Deeper Chain validator reward burning information and Deeper Chain on-chain council governance
  • Published the latest roadmap of the project
  • Shared the network security related articles: "Google outlines 6 cybersecurity predictions for 2023," "Ransomware attack forces French hospital to transfer patients ", "What Is a CDN? A Beginner's Guide To Content Delivery Networks" to help the community understand better about cybersecurity and Deeper's planned Web3 products.
  • YouTube channels: Action Crypto, Deepernaut, Diego, CryptoStars published videos about the Deeper Network

Marketing News

  • Holiday promotions: Christmas promotions include limited supply sales, discount coupons and free shipping
  • Product promotion: both bundle sales and deep discounts were promoted for users to purchase as Christmas gifts 
  • New product update: the new product was renamed Deeper Connect Air, the appearance has been confirmed, and the hardware and software are under testing and debugging phases 
  • New product function development: APP-Relocator function is under improvement. We currently have done some research in the community to understand various use cases and accelerate the improvement of functions. Users will be able to enjoy streaming services and obtain online shopping and subscription savings via this feature
  • Amazon store launch plan: the new Amazon store has been successfully setup, and the product page graphics and texts are under development
  • Affiliate program update: 15% commission for new affiliates and brand ambassador on the official website. 193 new affiliates joined this month, and 40%+ successfully placed orders
  • New platform go-live: collaborate with ShareASale platform to attract new affiliates to Deeper Network's affiliate program


  • English Telegram community: 11,362
  • Chinese Telegram community: 1,859
  • Korean Telegram community: 407
  • Discord community: 9,184
  • Twitter: 46,080
  • Instagram: 3,740
  • Facebook: 13,746
  • Medium: 5,752
  • Reddit: 6,195
  • Weibo: 10,410