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Deeper Care+ Services

Extended warranty

Secure a full two-year warranty for a worry-free experience.

Efficient replacement service

Deeper customer care will arrange device replacements without the need for you to return your broken device.

New product discounts

Enjoy exclusive discounts on new products and services only available to Deeper Care+ members.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should you get Deeper Care+?

    Deeper Care+ allows you to replace a failed device within two years.
    Our standard warranty only provides cover for one year.
    However, with Deeper Care+, if your device fails within two years, you can contact us and we will replace the device.
    In addition, with Deeper Care+ you will not have to return any failed devices.
    Once you contact the support desk, the support desk will help arrange a replacement to be sent to you.
    Customers who purchase Deeper Care+ will be eligible to receive exclusive discounts on new Deeper Network products and services.

  • How can I purchase Deeper Care+?

    You can only buy Deeper Care+ when you buy a Deeper Connect device on our online store and only for the number of devices purchased at the time.
    Before checkout, you will be given an option to add Deeper Care+ to your order.
    Make sure you select that option so you don't miss out!

  • How do I use Deeper Care+?

    In the unlikely event that your device fails, please contact our customer support directly at (
    After a quick verification process, we'll arrange for a replacement device to be sent out to you.

  • What exclusive discounts do you get with Deeper Care+?

    If you purchase Deeper Care+ you will receive exclusive discount codes on all new Deeper Connect devices launched in the future.

  • Can I cancel Deeper Care+?

    Yes, Deeper Care+ can be refunded but only within fourteen(14) days of placing the order.

  • Terms of Service

    What comes with Deeper Care+ Service?
    ① Extended Warranty:
    Two-Year warranty: Deeper Care+ devices have a two-year warranty, which starts from the day you receive your Deeper Care+ device.
    1) If your Deeper Connect device fails through no fault of your own, and within two years after the day of delivery, we will replace the device.
    2) If a replacement is approved, you do not need to send your defective Deeper Connect device back to our warehouse.
    3) To replace your defective device, please raise a ticket on our support desk. You may be required to send photos and videos to our support team.
    ② Additional Benefits:
    If you purchase Deeper Care+ you will receive exclusive discount codes via email for all new Deeper Connect devices launched in the future.
    Deeper Care+ Prices
    Products Covered Deeper Care+ Price
    Deeper Connect Mini $24.99
    Deeper Connect Pico $19.99
    DPR Mini SE $19.99
    Notice: If you want Deeper Care+, you must purchase it together with your Deeper Connect device.
    Ⅰ. When can you use Deeper Care+ to replace a device?
    You can replace a Deeper Connect device that is covered by Deeper Care+ if a device fails due to production issues and/or component failure.
    Ⅱ. Deeper Care+ Disclaimer
    1. The following shall be excluded from Deeper Care+ coverage:
    We will not replace devices under the following conditions:
    (1) You, the customer, either intentionally or unintentionally damaged the device through carelessness. An example of the former (i.e. intentional damage) would be disassembling the device for any reason. An example of the latter (i.e unintentional damage) would be accidentally dropping the device.
    (2) Any damage caused by unauthorized modifications and customizations.
    (3) Any damage caused by installation and operation that do not conform to the instructions, including but not limited to the use of non-original accessories.
    (4) Devices are confiscated by legal authorities in your country, stolen, lost or misplaced.
    (5) Any damage caused by incorrect storage including but not limited to dust, freezing and heat.
    (6) Deeper Care+ can only be claimed by the customer who purchased the device. It cannot be transferred to anyone else. If you are a reseller or a lessor, your customer (in the former case) or lessee (in the latter case) cannot make any claim on the basis of Deeper Care+.
    (7) Any damage caused by traffic accidents, maritime accidents and other unforeseeable events.
    (8) Any damage caused by using unofficial, non-original accessories, including but not limited to the Wi-Fi adapter, charger and cables.
    (9) Any flaws in appearance, such as peeling, scratches or discoloration unrelated to the functioning of the device.
    (10) Any issue that can be solved online through firmware upgrades or remote technical support.
    (11) Any damage caused by the customer through improper use or carelessness on their part.
    2、Deeper Care+ Service Refund and Transfer
    (1) The Deeper Care+ service can only be refunded within fourteen (14) days after the covered device is delivered. Once the customer is in possession of the covered device for more than 14 days, Deeper Care+ will not be refunded for any reason.
    (2) If you purchase "Deeper Care+" after purchasing the actual device, the Deeper Care+ service can still only be refunded within 14 days of the delivery of the device.
    (3) The service is non-transferable to a third party.
    3. Warranty Termination
    This “Deeper Care+” service shall be automatically terminated under any of the following circumstances:
    (1) Upon the expiry of “Deeper Care+” Service Term, which is two years to the day of the delivery of the ORIGINAL device.
    (2) After equipment replacement in accordance with the "Deeper Care+" provisions. If the new replacement equipment is trouble-free within 14 days, the Deeper Care+ warranty ends.
    (3) Immature cessation due to the user’s failure of fulfillment of any liability or obligation (including but not limited to transfer the service to a third party, committing fraud or fabrication, etc.).
    Ⅲ. Deeper Care+ Activation
    If your device fails within the Deeper Care+ period, please do the following
    Step 1: Raise a support ticket
    To do this go to or send an email to us at:
    Step 2: Provide basic information
    When raising a ticket, please submit the following information
    (a) The original order number
    (b) The email address with which the order was made
    (c) A video of the faulty device
    (d) The serial number of the device
    Please note that if the customer service team feels this information is insufficient, they may request more details to validate the damage to the device and also your Deeper Care+ claim.
    Step 3: Evaluation
    Once all the information is collected, the support team will evaluate the damaged device. If they are unable to restore the device remotely and determine that the device failed due to no fault of the user, they will facilitate the shipment of a replacement device.
    Ⅳ. Other Terms of Deeper Care+ Service
    (1) The Deeper Network shall reserve the right of the final interpretation of matters related to "Deeper Care+". In case of any questions, the user may contact: