Deeper Connect

Decentralized VPN and Cybersecurity Hardware

Plug and Play with Zero Configuration

The design concept of Deeper Connect is true plug and play with zero configuration.

The installation process is so simple even grandparents can do it in 5 seconds. Users only need to plug in two ethernet cables to gain access to a free, secure, and private Internet. There is no need for users to be aware of its existence afterwards.

Easy To Setup - 3 Ways to Set Up:

Plan A
Cable Outlet Deeper Connect Laptop
Laptop (only applicable to laptop computers with Ethernet ports, or to be used with a USB to Ethernet adapter)
Plan B
Modem Deeper Connect Router
Router (wanport)
Plan C
Integrated Wi-Fi
Modem All-in-one
Deeper Connect Routed
Modem All-in-one
Router (requires an additional standalone WiFi router)

Decentralized VPN (DPN)

DPN is capable of multi-routing, Smart Routing, instantly removes all geographic restrictions!

In the Decentralized Private Network (DPN), each device serves as both client and server and their IP address will be automatically changed based on their routing rules. Deeper Connect can establish up to 16 tunnels to other nodes all over the world. By default, they will be established in the US, Europe, Singapore, and China.

Consider Alice (Germany) who wants to access US Netflix. Her device will automatically borrow Bob’s residential IP address (US) to avoid being geo-blocked. At the same time, Tom’s device in China will be borrowing Alice’s IP address (Germany) to access YouTube. This of course is a huge and dynamic network composed of thousands of Alices, Bobs, and Toms, which allows every user to browse the internet without restriction and bypassing firewalls and censorship, all automatically done through Deeper technology.

Comparing with traditional VPN, DPN has the following advantages:

• No centralized servers; the network cannot be taken down.
• Users have control over their own data; encrypted and secured.
• Democratic Internet that ensures net neutrality; censorship-resistant.
• High-speed Internet connection without bottlenecks.

Enterprise-level Security

This function will keep you safe while online and protect all your IoT devices

Deeper Connect is a smart secure gateway that offers enterprise grade cybersecurity with 7 layers of deep packet inspection; a sleek interface allows for visualization of all online activities happening on the network. It will protect all your home devices such as PCs, smartphones, and security cameras from online threats.

Deeper Connect makes use of the network security operating system AtomOS, with a lock-free design. The device is capable of achieving the level and performance of enterprise-class products at a very low cost. Products of similar specifications, such as a Palo Alto Network device, may cost more than $10,000 USD. Currently, Deeper Network is targeting the network security market for the general public.

Block All Ads

Blocking ALL Ads while you are browsing or watching videos

Say goodbye to all those annoying Ads, even Youtube and Netflix. No need to pay $144 a year to skip Youtube Ads, pay once to buy Deeper Connect Mini with no subscription for all the services!

Deeper Connect's powerful network security features can deeply filter user network traffic and effectively block Ads, trackers, and malware across the entire network for all your devices.

Users will be able to view how many trackers have been blocked by Deeper Connect. Normally These trackers follow, record, store, and repackage your internet history and then sell it to third parties. Every time you browse, someone else is taking notes. The more they know about you the easier it is for these companies to trigger certain reactions with Ads or any other content for purchasing or other purposes. Deeper Connect protects you from these trackers.

Child Protection

One-click to prevent children from being exposed to restricted content

We know you care about the well-being of your kids, and you want to make sure they are not exposed to adult or violent content when they are on the internet.
Aligning with your values and in concordance with our fair and transparent internet vision, we offer simple and effective parental control, by which a single click from you will enable/disable a filter for pornography containing websites.

Mining as you surf the web

Deeper Connect can be used as mining equipment and a secure wallet

Through the Blockchain - Use idle bandwidth to earn mining rewards. Using Proof of Credit (PoC), shared bandwidth contributors obtain mining rewards by providing safe and reliable Internet access to other nodes

Company Overview

Deeper Network represents the world's first decentralized blockchain network for building a truly private, secure and fair Internet. Deeper Network Inc. was founded in 2018 with the vision of leveraging blockchain technology to empower the real users of the internet. Deeper Network is building both the Web 3.0 infrastructure of the future and an accessible gateway for everyone to join the revolution.

A self-sustaining, secure, and trusted network

A network that respects user privacy, enabling peer-to-peer communications without intermediaries. We believe that decentralization is the key to a network that can be trusted as it leaves the power in the hands of the user.

A portal to Web 3.0

Through our flagship product, Deeper Connect, we provide an access portal that seamlessly transitions users into the future of the web

A magical user experience

A unique user experience that is entirely plug-and-play while requiring no technical knowledge. We are dedicated to making blockchain tech accessible and easy to use for the masses

  • Q1: Strategic partnership with SevenX, Spark Digital Capital, Brilliance Ventures, Loopring, PolkaDefiAlliance, Spec-Rationality. Launch DPR test net with Deeper’s PoC framework. Port AtomOS to ARM platform. Release 5th-generation Deeper Connect Nano
  • Q2: Finish development for 6th-generation Deeper Connect Pico. Over the air update for Wi-Fi support across all devices
  • Q3: Finish development on a mobile app to connect to the DPN network
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