Enterprise-level Security

Solid cybersecurity service that keeps you safe while online and protect all your IoT devices

Deeper Connect offers enterprise-level cybersecurity service that shields from viruses and Trojans, prevents malicious tracking, detects intrusions and restores safety online. 7-layer enterprise grade firewall scans each packet and brings home the security of next-generation technology.


The world's first lock-free network operating system built with speed and security in mind.

7-layer firewall

Shield from viruses and Trojans, prevent malicious tracking, detect intrusions and restore safety online.


A sleek interface allows foar visualization of all online activities happening on the network.

Low cost

products of similar specifications, such as a Palo Alto Network device, may cost more than $10,000 USD.

Deeper Connect comes with a fully featured suite of enterprise-grade security functions to keep you safe while online and protect your IoT devices. Never again worry about you and your family’s safety while browsing online and rest easy knowing that every device in your network is secure.

The lock-free operating system running on the Deeper Connect, AtomOS, provides a 7-layer firewall with deep packet inspection, anti-tracking, intrusion prevention and more. These features are typically found in enterprise-grade cybersecurity service and product costing several times more than the Deeper Connect.

All these features grant peace of mind and prevent malicious actors from gaining access to your personal information, IoT devices, personal computers and anything else connected to your network. There is no configuration necessary, once the device is powered on your network will be secure.

Price Comparison for Cybersecurity Services
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