Ad Blocking

Blocking ALL Ads while you are browsing or watching videos

Deeper Connect is the world's first home network security device that can block encrypted Ads such as those on Youtube. Block annoying Ads and pop-up windows, return to a pure Internet environment.

No need to pay $144 a year to skip Youtube Ads, pay once to buy Deeper Connect with embedded safe Ad Blocker with no subscription for all the services!

Advertisements can really get in the way of watching videos or browsing through a webpage. Pop up ads, banner ads, suggested products, embedded ads; these all intrude on the content you really want to access and are targeted based on information about you. With the one-stop solution of safe ads blocker provided by Deeper Connect and some minor configuration at the AtomOS interface, YouTube and other ads will be blocked and you can return to browsing ad free.

Price Comparison for Ad Free Content Paying Month-to-Month